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Thoughts on Government Regulation & the Natural Organic Whole Foods Industry

Let us consider the FDA and how it helps us. We are told that the FDA is to assure quality in the prescription drug business in the USA. Yet Dr. Julian Whitaker reports that “Experts estimate that adverse drug events actually number in the millions and prescription drugs are responsible for more than 100,000 deaths per year.” Nutrients on the other hand have no reports of fatalities. We must conclude that we don’t need to fix the natural, organic, whole foods business with more government regulation because it is not broken! our website

The current the socialists solution for a poorly built building is a very expensive control program (something that is not government business at all and historically was not government business until recently and which we of the natural, organic, whole foods community must learn from). This “consumer protection” program has expanded and now bureaucracy is added to bureaucracy and starts with community approval of “land use”. The people living in the Land of the “Free” now have no freedom. Private property that does not belong to the community is now subject to a “community decision” as to weather it may be used for a certain use or not. Back in the 50’s and 60’s we called “community ism” where the community decided for someone else, regarding what they could or could not do, “Communism” and our enemy the USSR did this all the time and we abhorred them for it. Today in America we do the same and call it “Freedom”. Boy, are we blind and in a bind. We are now “FREE” through communist style coercion, to stand in line waiting for permission to use our own property, purchase numerous permits, added fees for one thing and another, inspections on top of inspections and various “quality” tests, all of which only serve to control the people while driving the price up and the quality down. Now, with all of these “safeguards of government” we still experience very expensive and badly built building being finished and sold everyday. Is this a model we need to repeat in the nature, organic whole foods world? We do not need to look up one day and find that we are standing in the communist style natural, organic, whole foods line of failure. I submit that we must observe and avoid the mistake of Government intrusion into the natural, organic, whole foods industry.

The natural, organic, whole foods public has some lessons to learn very soon or it will be destroyed by itself, the FDA and the drug manufacturing industry. I see the enemy (natural, organic, whole foods industry) and it is we ourselves.

Furthermore it is common knowledge in natural, organic, whole foods circles that in many cases pharmaceuticals actually cause depletion of a persons vitamins, minerals and enzymes. For example Diabetic drugs are known to deplete three vitamins (B6,B12, folic acid) and four minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc). Again, Statins, substance used to lower blood cholesterol, are known to deplete Coenzyme Q10, which lessens your energy supply. The absence of Coenzyme Q10 is like removing the spark plug from an internal combustion engine and expecting it to fire. Of course using these drugs is fine as far as the FDA is concerned because they are government approved. This is just another reason why we ought to reconsider the helpful protectiveness of government before we add any new regulations to the natural, organic, whole foods industry.

To illustrate this point let me draw your attention to the construction industry where after 40+ years in the construction business, I have had lots of opportunity to observe that the beginning of a building is more important than the paint and carpet. Yet the “paint job” is all that most people really focus on. (I am saying that we of the natural, organic and whole foods public must design and build our own building and not ask government to do it for us or we will have nothing but misery and disappointment). Back to the building business, I have observed that the major reason for this is the government imposed building codes excused a necessary means to “protect the public” are the cause of the problem. How did we ever survive before the UBC (uniform building code) was imposed upon us? How is it that buildings of excellent quality, that were build a 100 years before the UBC ever existed, still stand and are in use today? What can the natural, organic, whole foods industry which is still in its early stages of development learn from this example?