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The New Xbox 360 Kinect

Appearing at this years E3, Star Wars and Disney games will also become available on the Xbox Kinect. The Star Wars game will feature lightsaber fighting, just like everybody wants. It seems that Microsoft had honed in on gamers wishes for the original Wii release.  raft wars

Dance Central- Produced by MTV Games, gamer can expect hot music to supply the background to this full on body dancing game. Imagine Dance Revolution, but for your entire body.

So What Are The First Xbox 360 Kinect Games?
This is a little information on the first 360 Kinect games that are now being produced by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 Kinect console.

Kinectimals- Microsoft’s Kinect game for the Farmville fanatics. Raise and cuddle lions, cheetahs, dogs, and a whole aray of other animals.

Microsoft has been slowing giving us a peek at its new motion console since 2009. Formerly know “Project NATAL”, this new console has now been branded the Xbox 360 Kinect. Similar in many ways to the motion controls seen on the Nintendo Wii but now taken a step further, the Kinect requires players to move their whole body to take control of the onscreen images.

With the use of a 3D camera, it will actually be able to correctly model not only the area of your camera view a body is taking up, but also it will actually render a body in 3D space and project it in a virtual space accurately. Microsoft has gambled big on the Kinect being a Wii killer amongst families and non-core gamer demographic.

Joyride- A game thats being played in a photo to the right of screen, the Kinectic Joyride will allow players to “really” drive a car by steering with their free hands.

Kinect Adventures- Kinect Sports for the extreme sports gamer. White water rafting and other hard core and extreme sports can be enjoyed by up to four players.

Kinect Sports – Showing that there’s no such thing as an dumb idea, the very first game that is available for the Kinect is going to be a sporting title. Wave, jump, shake, dance and compete against all your friends and family in soccer, table tennis, boxing, and three other sports.

This is done by utilizing a sensitive motion capturing video technology, it is similar to an advanced version of Sony’s Eyetoy. In readiness for the E3 2010, Microsoft gave us first snippets of information about their new consoles future and the games that it will be featuring.

The Xbox Kinect and the Slim Xbox 360
As well as highlighting the Kinect, Microsoft also announced the day after, they would be releasing a new Xbox 360 model named the Slim Xbox 360 (AKA: The 250 Gig Elite). This new system will also feature a special USB port designed specifically with the Kinect in mind. If you are thinking about buying an Xbox 360 to use the Kinect accessory, this will be the one.